Southeast Asia SRI Regional Network

SeaSRI is a collaborative network dedicated to promoting SRI practices throughout Southeast Asia. It brings together academics, researchers, and farmers to embrace this environmentally friendly and economically viable approach, with the ultimate goal of enhancing food security and farmer well-being in Southeast Asia.

Our Goals

"Fostering resilient and sustainable agriculture in Southeast Asia through the widespread adoption of the system of rice intensification (SRI)"

SeaSRI Vision Mission

Our vision is dedicated to promoting the resilient and sustainable SRI method through collaborative partnerships involving various stakeholders at the field, farmer, national, and regional levels. We aim to advance SRI practices in Southeast Asia by scaling up implementation, facilitating knowledge sharing among farmers, and influencing policymakers to enact supportive policies for SRI

Sustainable Agriculture

We are dedicated to promoting the SRI practices to enhance soil health, conserve water, and reduce chemical inputs, thus fostering resilient farming systems.

Empowering Farmers Through Knowledge Transfer

We empower farmers by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to adopt innovative and sustainable approaches that enhance productivity and livelihoods. This is achieved through providing training, access to resources, and extension services.

Regional Collaboration

We aim to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among farmers, researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders through regional partnerships to connect SRI communities in Southeast Asia.